Our Mission
Gracyn Sky is a bold new children’s brand specializing in deliciously dreamy bamboo clothing & accessories for babies & toddlers. We’re a creative husband & wife team who are passionate about bringing you the highest quality fabric & adorably artistic prints. Our functional outfits are soft, chic & unique. They’re also comfy enough for kids to wear all day. We love being part of your family’s life & making a cameo in the photos you’ll treasure forever!
Our Story
Meet Shannon, Luciano, London & Sienna

What do you do when you have a beautiful preteen daughter, a new baby, a new love & a thriving career? You start a new company, of course!

When Shannon & Luciano Nuques welcomed their daughter Sienna, they couldn’t find baby clothes that matched their joy. This got them thinking: what if they could make ultra-soft onesies with vivid colors, a slim fit & an elevated, artistic look?

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The couple started exploring the idea of working with artists like Donald Robertson (who worked with Shannon at her first company, global skincare brand GLAMGLOW).

“I love Donald’s work & he just gets me. I really wanted to bring that artistic element to the baby world & capture the joy you feel when a new baby arrives.”

Just like that, a family business was born. Gracyn Sky is a true collaboration that takes its name from their daughters, whose middle names are Gracyn & Sky.

“This company reflects our creative passion & determination,” says Luciano. “It’s important to show our girls that hard work, discipline & structure will always create something good for them.”

“Bringing joy to families—moms, dads, grandmas, siblings & infants—that’s success to me…”
- Shannon Nuques -

Shannon agrees. “If you have an idea, you go for it. I want my daughters to see me using my brain, figuring things out & making a difference in people’s lives.”

Shannon grew up in the Van Nuys area of the San Fernando Valley. Luciano grew up in La Mirada, so it was important to them that the clothing be made locally. “We wanted a slimmer fit for safety plus the softest, yummiest fabric,” says Shannon. “Everything is responsibly & sustainably made right here in Los Angeles.”

Big sister London helps choose colors. Even toddler Sienna points to designs she likes.

“It’s very much a family business,” Shannon laughs. “The girls are part of everything we do.” Besides giving babies a playful, artistic start, Gracyn Sky is proud to donate a portion of every sale to Newborns in Need, which has chapters in 30 states. “Bringing joy to families—moms, dads, grandmas, siblings & infants—that’s success to me,” says Shannon. “It’s definitely a labor of love & a baby gift from our family to yours!”

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